Mr Dirty Las Vegas

Who is Mr. Dirty Comedy?

Mr. Dirty Aka Gabe Lopez, was once known to be the cousin of Mr. Clean. Instead of cleaning everything, he prefers to make everything dirty. So Mr. Dirty moved to Sin City to continue his pursuits in Comedy, Drinking, Gambling, Sex and Sin.

Over the years Las Vegas got to me more more tasteful and politically correct. These traits carried over into Stand Up Comedy where comics were instructed not to share certain bits on stage. There was no longer any room for Gabe Lopez to  be Mr Dirty and live sinfully in Sin City.

Mr. Dirty Comedy Sin City Gabe Lopez

Mr. Dirty Comedy Sin City Gabe Lopez

Gabe Lopez began to produce comedy shows and was given the same instructions to appeal to everyone without upsetting anyone in the crowd. One day, a heckler lashed out at Gabe and Mr. Dirty broke from his shell and lashed back. Mr. Dirty allowed Gabe to speak from his heart ripping the heckler a new asshole.

Thus the phrase “If you don’t like it, get the fuck out!” was the shared chant with Mr. Dirty.

Comics backstage were in awe and cheering Mr. Dirty on. Soon the Audience rallied to Mr Dirty’s side and  the remainder of the evening allowed ripping on the heckler from fellow comedians. Everyone wanted a piece to speak their mind on stage again. Soon comedians were asking Gabe to allow them to come try  some new material at Gabe’s show after their piece at a competing club.

And so the Dirty at 1230 was born in Sin City allowing Stand up Comics from all over to share their material after hours for Hospitallity workers and Stand Up Comics who couldn’t share their material at the Prime Time Gig.

Come on out to the Dirty at 1230 Friday Evening. Pre show starts at 10am with drinks and mingling seats begin to fill at midnight and show starts at 12:30am.

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